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We proudly serve the Gainesville area in northern Florida and the surrounding areas. As heavily experienced pressure washers, we are your best bet for a quick and thorough cleaning, in the Gainesville area. By hiring us to clean your property, you are ensuring for yourself a professional grade pressure washing, for a fraction of the cost.

Being in one of the most humid states in America, Florida sidewalks and parking lots are extremely susceptible to algae growth, since algae can grow anywhere there is moisture. This thin layer of algae causes your concrete, from sidewalks to parking lots, to appear dirty. Luckily, a quick pressure cleaning can make your property looking cleaner and newer than ever before. With our services you can easily fight the Floridian humidity and stop algae growth before it leaves your property looking mucky and grimy.

The Sunshine State also has many lakes, perfect for boats that can easily lose their clean new look. Dirt and grime can easily work its way into the hull of your boat, which can be hard to remove and leave your boat looking less than it’s best. Gainesville Pressure Washing Company, however, is the perfect approach to keeping your boats or jet skis looking brand new and free of muck while also giving you piece of mind that your property is in safe hands.

Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or small job Gainesville Pressure Washing Company will give you an unmatchable cleaning service, thanks to our top of the line equipment and professionals handling it. If you’re on the fence about our whether or not we can help you, give us a call! We’d be happy to help you any day of the week.

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