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At Gainesville Pressure Washing Company we are a company that essentially began we realized that many homes and business around the Gainesville area didn’t look as great on the outside as they did on the inside. This was mainly due to the fact that business and homeowners did not have the equipment or the time to actually tend to all of their cleaning and washing needs properly. We decided to do something about that and that was how we decided to create Gainesville Pressure Washing Company. It has been many years since we came to that realization and here we still are. Trying to find new and creative ways to continue to help our growing base.

We believe that there are two main things that most people are looking for in a cleaning and washing service. One is, of course, a quality service. The worst type of comment that we can get from a client is: “I could have done a better a job on my own”. When you call a washing service you are expecting to get a result that is far superior to doing an average cleaning of your facilities. We understand that and take that to heart. The second important factor is having this service provided quickly. If we were to take days and days to get our services done just to have the place looking just as dirty as it was after a week you wouldn’t be getting too much out of your money. That is definitely not what we want to happen when you give us a call!

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